Thanks to our virtual attendees of the EdSurge ASU + GSV Interview Series!

On the week of May 8th, 2017, anyone and everyone with a vested interest in learning and talent innovation packed their bags and headed to Salt Lake City to attend this year’s ASU + GSV Summit. Shindig was certainly in attendance, and not just to mingle with the learning community, but to also power an interactive interview series, produced on-site by leading edtech media outlet, EdSurge. The series featured some of the most influential thought leaders, top executives, and authority figures within the business of providing or enabling education. Some big names included: Chip Paucek (Co-Founder and CEO of 2U, Inc.), Scott Pulsipher (President of Western Governors University), and Jessie Woolley-Wilson (President and CEO of DreamBox Learning), to name just a few. Thanks to all those that tuned in and participated! And for those of you that missed out on the live event, no worries! Follow this blog, or any of our social media pages (FB + Twitter), to stay tuned for when we upload the event recordings.

The International Rhino Foundation hosted a live Q&A on Shindig

On May 12th, The International Rhino Foundation hosted a live Q&A on Shindig, in tandem with their Facebook Live event, to share the latest successes and the challenges of preserving the Sumatran rhino. For 25 years, the International Rhino Foundation has championed the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. They do what it takes to ensure that rhinos survive for future generations and part of the work is promoting awareness through informational sessions, like this Shindig event. The IRA’s ’s Executive Director, Dr. Susie Ellis, and Deputy Director, CeCe Sieffert, were in tow to answer questions on behalf of the foundation. Attendees received an in-the-trenches account of the preservation efforts and even got to view video footage of a baby rhino named Delilah’s first birthday celebration. Interested in promoting awareness to and social interaction with your cause? Let us know, we can help.

Gartner gives Shindig 2017 Cool Vendors in Social Collaboration nod

Every year, Gartner acknowledges the most innovative in category for social collaboration via their “Cool Vendors” award. We could not be more delighted to share with you that for 2017 Shindig is among the recipients of this special recognition. The Gartner report noted that Shindig’s unique video chat solution transformed “ the feeling of people attending a virtual online event that they are ‘all along together.’” and further that the platform delivered” a more compelling peer-to-peer experience where people can ‘mingle’ as they do in physical spaces.”

This is a big win for Shindig as Gartner is a world-renowned tech research firm, respected for their thought leadership and technology insights, and receiving this award further reinforces our transformational vision: to improve how people virtually collaborate, communicate, and connect.

Gartner uses an assessment framework they coined ACME to evaluate collaboration effectiveness of a technology. More specifically, this framework measures the Activity, Content, Motivation and Enabling technology to evaluate how context and motivation are addressed in the user’s experience of a platform. As result, Shindig is identified as “creating a cohesive user experience for people to participate in large-scale video events” and increasing “people’s comfort level to participate and contribute”. We tend to agree!

Interested in increasing your organization’s collaboration effectiveness? Reach out to us, we can help!

Click here to purchase the 2017 Gartner Cool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration full report.

EdSurge to Host Interactive Thought Leader Interviews from the 2017 ASU GSV Summit: Shindig to Power Three-Day Online Series

NEW YORK, NY (April 26, 2017) EdSurge and Shindig today announced plans for interactive Thought Leader Interviews at the 2017 ASU GSV Summit on May 8-10 in Salt Lake City. The interactive interviews are intended to connect educators and talent developers in schools and companies across the nation with the Summit presenters and participants.  Shindig’s video chat teaching and events technology will power the three-day series. The interactive Shindig platform will allow EdSurge moderators CEO and Founder Betsy Corcoran, senior editor Jeffrey R. Young, and managing editor Tony Wan and more than a dozen interview participants education and talent leaders, corporate executives, college officials, and education researchers to engage directly with the online audience.

The annual ASU GSV Summit brings together educators, human resource leaders entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers, philanthropists, and university and school district leaders to create partnerships, explore solutions, and shape the future of learning and talent innovation. This year’s program features more than 400 tech companies discussing how learning and talent innovation are inextricably linked to meet the future needs of our society.

“Stories—genuine stories—really matter. We’re excited to be helping tell the authentic stories of the people who are building the technology that supports innovations in teaching and talent,” says Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Founder of EdSurge.

The growing list of confirmed interview participants includes: Sean Gallagher, director of the Center for the Future of Higher Education & Talent Strategy at Northeastern University, Candace Thille, assistant professor of education at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, Rufus Glasper, CEO of the League for Innovation in the Community College, Rachel Romer Carlson, CEO of Guild Education, Todd Rose director of the Mind, Brain, & Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment, and many more!

To register for access to the interviews and receive daily reminders and updates regarding scheduled guests, please go to:

“We are delighted to be working with EdSurge and Shindig. These interviews are an important component of our efforts to elevate innovation leaders in learning and talent development to extend the reach of their ideas,” said GSV Managing Partner Deborah Quazzo.

Shindig’s unique technology will also enable online participants to discuss, network, and socialize privately with one another as if they were attendees at the ASU GSV Summit. EdSurge will host the interactive interviews on The interactive Forum conversations from the ASU GSV Summit will also be archived at for access after the Summit.

The live, interactive interviews will take place from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm MT (3:00 – 5:00 ET) for three days, from Monday, May 8th through Wednesday, May 10th.

The interviews will be available for free on any web connected device, computer, tablet, or phone. To participate in the online interviews via mobile device please download the Shindig mobile app, titled Shindig2 Pro, in Apple or Android app stores.

For More Information contact:

VuHaus: Live Q&A from SXSW with Classic Rockstars

Hosted by VuHaus’ Mark Abuzzahab live from SXSW, this past Thursday’s Shindig event featured old school rock legends Jody Stephens (Big Star), Mike Mills (REM), Ken Stringfellow (Big Star/REM), and Chris Stamey (dB’s).

It was an intimate gathering at a hotel suite, unstaged and authentic, as the rockers buzzed excitement for their upcoming festival showing, waxed nostalgic of their late rocker alums, and casually chit chatted about life in the music lane. Fans and audience members from across the nation tuned in to interact with the musicians and participate in the Q&A. One fan asked what these rockstars did to seek inspiration — let’s just say, the response was very honest.

University of the People Brings Together a Global Community in Education

On Sunday, December 18, Shindig hosted the second international gathering for University of the People, a tuition-free online university. With more than 400 students, educators, and administrators from 90 different countries coming together on the Shindig platform, President Shai Reshef spoke about the University’s journey and future goals and plans for 2017.

Over the course of an hour, the UoPeople community had a unique opportunity to directly interact with leadership, meet peers across the world and experience a collegiate community unlike any other. Students, volunteers and faculty alike took the stage to talk with President Reshef, while others became acquainted with online classmates and colleagues in private chats during the event. There were over 75 audience-generated questions submitted to discuss the University’s vision and agenda. These interactive sessions are essential to strengthening online learning communities, supplementing the social component that is often lacking in distance education.

How to Get Into Your Dream College: A Q&A with Joi Wade

On December 20, YouTube influencer Joi Wade hosted her first Q&A session on Shindig for aspiring college students interested in gaining admissions into top US schools. With over 18,000 followers, Joi’s channel focuses on covering college life and admissions. She is currently a freshman on a full scholarship to the University of Southern California and recently published the book “You Got Into Where? How I Received Admission & Scholarships to the Nation’s Top Universities.” During Tuesday’s event, Joi utilized Shindig’s content sharing features to divulge tips and tricks on getting full scholarships, writing college essays, and more. Over 60 of Joi’s YouTube followers attended, asking more than 50 questions about topics ranging from senioritis to international admissions to visiting college campuses. One lucky attendee also had the opportunity to win a signed copy of her book!

University admissions can leverage the power of synchronous video chat and connect with prospective students around the world. Events can offer perspectives and advice from distinguished alumni and current students, and applicants and their families can engage with peers, guests, and admissions representatives in real-time, thereby providing a personalized experience that can make the difference in a student’s decision to apply. Gone is the hassle and expense of having to travel physically to an information session; for many international or remote students, this simply isn’t an option. Admissions offices will be able to tailor events to specific student demographics and needs, reaching a global audience in an interactive, highly personal way.

Post-Election Voting Access and Fraud with Davidson College

On November 9, Shindig hosted an event with Davidson College’s political science professors Dr. Susan Roberts and Dr. Andrew O’Geen. The hot topic of discussion was US voting access and fraud – a trending conversation especially after the historic presidential election. This was part of DavidsonX, a micro-MOOC series provided through the edX platform, on incorporating current events and world affairs into compelling discussions amongst students. With over 50 in attendance from 9 countries including the USA, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan, Russia, and more than 30 thought-provoking questions, this event certainly engaged those seeking to better understand American politics as well as provided them an opportunity to share concerns, ask questions and engage with one another.

Traditionally, online learning has offered one dimensional knowledge transfer from educator to student. This Shindig powered session is a reminder that there is ample opportunity to provide distance learners to collaborate and interact with one another in ways that extend far past simple discussion boards or emails. By enabling real-time conversations, reactions, and discussions, students integrate more deeply into their learning community and contribute to greater student body cohesion. These benefits also extend to educators, who have increased high-touch interactions with their learners. Davidson’s mini-MOOC series on political science is only one example of the many possibilities available to online educators and students for more integrated online experiences.

Eminem joins in support of Shindig-powered FacebookCast, helping Rock the Vote Online Voting Rights Rally reach over 1 million in hours before voting

On November 7th at 3pm, Rock the Vote held a first of its kind interactive Online Voting Rights Rally. Hundreds joined the interactive discussion live on the Shindig video chat event platform and were able to ask NAACP CEO & President Cornell Williams Brooks and Kristen Clarke, President and Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law questions about their rights and the voting process as they prepare to cast their first ballot on November 8. The event was moderated by Rock the Vote President & Executive Director Carolyn DeWitt, and had a special appearance from author and contributing writer to The Nation, Ari Berman. It reached voters from 44 states.

The online rally was simultaneously streamed to tens of thousands more via an ad hoc network of 10 Facebook Pages, including the Facebook pages of Eminem, Indigo Girls, and the League of Women voters. Almost 30,000 total participated in the live stream of the rally over Shindig and Facebook Live together. Since going live yesterday afternoon, the Rock the Vote Online Voter Rights Rally has garnered 1 millions views, all in the key hours before election day.

You can watch highlights from this event here.

A Global Gathering for a Global Community, Hosted by University of the People

On Tuesday, November 1st, Shindig hosted the first-ever gathering for the University of the People, a tuition-free online university. Over 200 students, educators, and administrators from 37 different countries came together as President Shai Reshef spoke about the University’s journey and its future goals.

Online events such as these give the UoPeople community a unique opportunity to directly interact with leadership, meet peers across the world, and connect to the larger community. Students, volunteers and faculty alike were able to take the stage and talk with President Reshef about the University, while others became acquainted with peers in private chats during the event. In total, over 30 audience-generated questions fueled the discussion on the University’s vision and agenda. These interactive sessions can effectively enhance the crucial social components of education that are paramount to learning but are often lacking in online environments.