What is Shindig?

Shindig is a large-scale video chat platform that can host up to 1500 participants and allows you to video chat with fellow participants and meet new people. When you join Shindig, you are placed in a room of 20. You can see who else is in the room by viewing the floating thumbnail images.

How do I privately video chat with someone?

Click on the image of another audience member to engage in a private video chat. It's that easy.

How do I join a group video chat?

If you see 2 or more participants connected, those people are in a private video chat together. You can join by clicking the image of anyone in that chat.

How do I combine my chat with another chat?

Let's say you're already in a private video chat with David and you see Jason chatting with Madison. If you want to start a chat with David, Jason, and Madison at the same time, double-click on Jason or Madison's picture to merge your private video chats.

How do I leave a video chat?

Scroll over your picture and click the Leave Chat button in the upper right corner.

What is the difference between the Raise Hand and Ask Question buttons?

To signal that you want to be brought up on Stage to ask a question in front of the audience via webcam, click the Raise Hand button.

If you prefer to submit a written question, click the Ask Question button.

How does IM work?

Scroll over your own picture and click the IM button to open the IM dialog. The Shindig tab displays the names of the people who are currently in your room. The Facebook tab shows you a list of your online and offline Facebook friends.

To send a private message to someone, select their name from the list. While that person's name is selected, you will only see messages that were sent between the two of you. You can send a private message to anyone in your room or a Facebook friend, even if they're not logged onto Shindig.

To send a group message to everyone in your room, select the Shindig tab and click "My Room." You will now see messages that have been sent to everyone in the room. Any messages you send will go everyone in the room.

How do I mute my microphone?

Scroll over your picture and click the Mute button. Click the button again to unmute your microphone.

What happens when I click the Private button?

If you click the Private button, no one will be able to join you in a chat without asking for permission first. To turn off privacy mode, click the Private button again. If you notice other participants’ thumbnail images have a black border, they have privacy enabled and would prefer not to be disturbed. If you click on their image, they will either allow you to join or alert you that they're busy.

What's the Mingle Bar?

The Mingle Bar is a scrolling list of thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen composed of all the participants currently logged into the event. The Mingle Bar will only appear when there are 20+ participants logged into an event .

If you see someone in the Mingle Bar that you'd like to video chat with, click their image. If they are not in your room, you will be taken into their room in order to engage in a private video chat.

You can search for friends by typing their name in the Search box. If you want to switch rooms without joining someone's chat, click the New Room button. You can hide the Mingle Bar by clicking the X button in the upper right corner. Click the Mingle Bar button to reopen.

What should I do if I notice inappropriate behavior?

We don't allow nudity or behaviors that could make other participants uncomfortable. If you have a concern about the behavior of someone on the platform, click the Report Abuse button in the upper right corner of the screen and fill out the form. We take inappropriate behavior very seriously and we will ban participants if they create problems for others.

What does it mean when I see someone's Facebook photo instead of their webcam feed?

If someone doesn't have a working camera or they don't have enough bandwidth to use Shindig to its full capacity, you'll see their Facebook profile picture.

If your question isn't answered above, please contact us at info@shindigevents.com